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We are what we eat, of course. Everyone knows that! However, we cannot forget that we are also what we eat….eats and that is where the labels “USDA” and “Non-GMO” both come in handy.

At Ocean Ranch Organics, we only craft the finest and most nutritious snacks that are USDA Certified Organic as well as Non-GMO.

But what is the difference? If something is organic, surely it is Non-GMO and if something is Non-GMO, then surely it must be organic, right? Wrong. Although all USDA Certified Organic foods cannot contain any genetically modified ingredients, the Non-GMO label does not always make the same promise.

All of the ingredients we source at Ocean Ranch Organics adhere to the United States Department of Agriculture’s guidelines for organic production. 

That means all processes and operations in place are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and only using approved substances.  The farmers of our ingredients do not use GMO seeds and protect their products from contact with any prohibited substances. This is no frivolous practice as there are many prevention practices employed in order to maintain the purity of the organic ingredients.


According to the USDA, here are a few of the preventative practices farmers must use:

-Plant their seeds early or late, avoiding organic and GMO crops flowering at the same time and thus avoiding any possibility of cross-pollination.

-Harvest crops prior to flowering or sign cooperative agreements with neighboring farms to avoid planting GMO crops next to organic ones.

-Designate the edges of their land as a buffer zone where the land is managed organically, but even those crops aren’t sold as organic.

-Thoroughly clean any shared farm or processing equipment to prevent unintended exposure to GMOs or prohibited substances.

The certainty that the USDA Organic Seal brings is not exactly mirrored by the Non-GMO label; however, this is not to say that Non-GMO is any less helpful in guiding us as to what to put in our bodies to keep us healthy, properly fueled up, and ready to move.

The “Non-GMO Project” label assures that less .9% of the ingredients can be genetically modified.

Because that little percentage of ingredients may be genetically modified, they are not subject to the same strict restrictions that apply to organic crops. This means that some crops may contain toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers which are known to be damaging to the long term health of consumers. 

You can rest easy knowing that both the USDA Organic seal and Non-GMO on Ocean Ranch Organic granolas means that our product is certified organic and contains absolutely no genetically modified ingredients.

So, snack on, fuel up, and keep adventuring.

Nov 08, 2017
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