Ocean Ranch Organics Distributor Locations

Ocean Ranch Organics is partnered with several retailers throughout Southern California, allowing us to provide our organic granola and natural foods in locations that are convenient for you. You’ll find ORO products in Whole Foods, Vons, Albertsons, Mesa Produce, Lazy Acres Market, Brazil Arts Cafe, Pacific Health Foods, and many other local and national retailers.

You can always browse and buy our granola and other products online as well. Just visit our online shop!

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  • About Us

    We hand make our granola using organic and natural ingredients. Real food, pure and simple. Our organic granola is slowly roasted in small batches to lock in the flavor and provide the perfect texture. Each flavor is crafted to have a little twist on the ordinary to make it extraordinary.

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    1072 Casitas Pass Rd, #199, Carpinteria, CA 93013
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