Ancient Grains Before a Morning Surf

Vanilla Super Seed Oat Cup

Fall is here and the weather on the coast is changing. Cooling off and ocean swells changing for the better. It is a treat to get out and enjoy a morning surf with some solid swell. With chilly mornings and a on-the-go lifestyle Ocean Ranch Ancient Grains Oat Cups are the perfect meal to prepare for that morning surf. Packed with healthy ingredients such as chia, flax, and maca, you know you are getting the nutrition you need to power through your surf session. For that extra crunch top it off with your favorite Ocean Ranch granola and hit the surf!


Add hot water or your favorite milk pour into oat cup, stir and cover for three minutes. Uncover, stir and add your favorite Ocean Ranch organic granola to top it off. Add favorite fruit if desired.



Vanilla Super Seed Ancient Grains Oat Cup
topped with Oaxacan Chocolate Organic Granola.