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National Avocado Day: The Many Ways to Use Avocados Before They Go Bad!

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It’s National Avocado Day!

One of our most favorite days of the year.

Being on the central coast of California, avocados are a way of life around here. We grow avocados on our ranch, so we have an intimate relationship with them. We also know that when avocados are perfectly ripe, you must eat them quickly! Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy them.


Granola Toast with Organic Avocado & Ranch Eggs

A twist on an old stand-by that is a favorite in our house. Check out our recipe here.


Avocado Smoothie

Avocados are great to add to smoothies. If you are craving something creamy, but don’t want to use dairy, throw an avocado, spinach, frozen berries, and a bit of coconut water into a blender and you have a perfect nutritious frozen treat.


Avocado Bruschetta

Add in some sliced avocado to your favorite bruschetta recipe. We promise you won’t regret it.


BLTA Sandwich

Avocado on a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is life changing! Plus, you won’t need any condiments because it keeps your sandwich from becoming dry.


Avocado Strawberry Salad

Our favorite salad is spinach with red onions, sliced strawberries, and sliced avocado. The perfect summer salad to enjoy on those too hot days! Sprinkle some poppy seeds on top for an added crunch.


Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Craving something sweet? All you need is cocoa powder, melted chocolate chips, milk (of any kind), vanilla extract, salt and two ripe avos! Blend until smooth and you have the most decadent mousse ever. You can make it vegan too which is even better.