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Eating Right to Perform on Game Day

When it comes to game day for whatever sport, eating right has always played a big role in sports. For myself, being a professional surfer, you usually wake up a few hours before your competition and head to the beach to prepare. Deciding what to put in your body before that first important heat of the day is a big part of my preparation for a successful event. It varies how much l eat depending on when my heats run.. If I surf early in the morning I will keep it light with a small bowl of granola with some light fruit all mixed together with almond milk. This is my favorite go to! Lately my addiction is frozen mangoes and blueberries mixed with Ocean Ranch Organic Wild Honey Sesame Granola. Try it you will be blown away. Mangoes help alkalize the whole body and also improves digestion! Blueberries are known to boost your brain with there high levels of phenols so basically I’m going to outsmart my competition.. ha ha! On top of super brain benefits, blueberries also aid in weight loss, skin benefits, and promote heart health. These tasty fruits are a perfect match with my favorite wild honey sesame that also bring a great source of calcium and iron! If I don’t surf early and have a few hours before my first heat, I will generally eat a bigger breakfast to get me through the morning. Usually along the lines of scrambled eggs with a piece of toast and a side of avocado and if available a side of homemade salsa! Avocado is a great source of healthy fat and with some carbs from the bread to fuel me through the day of surfing and eggs to give me the much needed protein! After breakfast and my first heat of the day, I make sure to snack through out the day. Bananas and apple slices are a great go to snack. Bananas are great to eat around 15 minutes before you compete to give you the energy you need to compete. Bananas have a broad range of vitamins, phytonutrients, dietary fiber and minerals! Apples are all around good for your health, ranging from cancer prevention, intestinal health, heart disease prevention and helping detoxify the body. After a long day of surfing and hopefully coming up with the W, I cave and splurge on some great Mexican food! Nutritional value? Not so much, but hey we earned it right? Enjoy, Cory Arrambide

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