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The Small But Mighty Super Food: National Blueberries Month

Superfood Blueberries Month

July is National Blueberries Month!

We happen to love blueberries and as much as we love their flavor, they have amazing nutritional benefits as well.


Blueberries are native to North America and have been growing here for 13,000 years.

Although North America now cultivates nearly 1 billion pounds per year commercially, these little fruits weren’t grown for the masses until the early 1900’s. They are grown on a bush and are typically on the smaller side, about 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter. Blueberries are closely related to cranberries, bilberries, and huckleberries. There are two types of blueberries grown in the U.S.: highbush blueberries and lowbush or wild. Wild blueberries are typically smaller but contain more antioxidants.

Blueberries have some of the highest antioxidants of all of the berries.

One cup typically contains 4 grams of fiber, 24% of the RDI for Vitamin C, 36% of the RDI for Vitamin K, 25% of the RDI for Manganese, and only adds up to 84 calories. Since blueberries are an excellent source of the antioxidant polyphenols, research shows that they can help lower your risk of heart disease. There’s also evidence that shows the flavonoids in blueberries can improve your mood and even decrease the risk of depression.

Blueberries are wonderful on their own making them a perfect snack or dessert if you’re craving something sweet.  They can be used in many recipes such as jams, pies, smoothies or as a topping for yogurt or ice cream.

If you’re a fan of blueberries like we are, make sure to check out our Organic Lemon Blueberry Granola and if you really love it you can always buy it in bulk. If you want a recipe for your blueberries at home make sure to take a look at our Lemon Blueberry Surprise Pancakes blog post!